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Who is DMS?Bird Image

DMS is a digital media service offered by David Hodges. David has been notable in the arts for 25 years and in the Multimedia industry for 13 years. DMS has been involved with the teaching and professional development of industry for nine years. Personally David has been published internationally for graphic works.

What does DMS do?

DMS offers a wide range of professional work in various Digital Formats

Print comprises of the development of the item to your satisfaction and outsources the print ready job to a reliable printer for fast turn about. DMS can create custom car wraps and supply to the printers to be completed in vinyl ready for your car or van.

ibenez imageGraphic Design uses industry standard vector based software to create your logo, flyer, DL or business cards ready for you to print or use as you please. DMS can design a complete style guide for your company including logos, typography, font styles, colours and variants of the above.

Web Development is given a high level of unique interactivity with companies or individuals wanting a bit more for their users. From companies to individuals we can cater for all allowing for animation, sound, video and optimisation. View example flash site.

Interactive media is the production of interactive CD and DVD media. This process is a way of promoting your product/s through distribution whilst being green. It has the advantage of involving the user in the product/s with interactivity allowing them to either participate or view what they want. Other advantages are the use of video, sound and games to enhance an understanding of your product/s.

Digital media is becoming extremely popular with the push away from paper based advertising. Most homes have a computer to view such files. Produced as a HTML product it becomes cross platform compatible and allows for updates from an internet server. This reduces the cost of reproduction and runs much faster from optical media than over the net.Digital art example image

Digital media has the capability of being stand alone without the requirement of an internet connection. It saves download, internet advertising and the chance of viral infection on the client’s computer. As a product the interactive digital media option is a competetive local advertising product or an international selling product. The following is some of the capacities DMS can connect you to this product.

Animation services include both 2D and 3D development capturing your ideas into reality. Professionally trained with specific skills can bring your ideas to the screen.

Digital Art is a growing area where we see towns being beautified through concept art being turned into master pieces through the integration of computers and engineering technologies. DMS has been actively involved in a number of these projects and you will find our experience to be piece of mind when it comes to this complex area.

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